December 07, 2005

For Those Shopping For Me

I'm not saying that you *have* to buy this stuff for me, but I'll be reevaluating my relationships with people based on the holiday season, so if you really want me to love you I suggest a computer monitor that covers the entire wall or a flying car.


wampa1 said...

those are hella' choice gifts. slightly less gnarly would be LOTS of toothpaste, or so thought some middle-aged uzbek gentleman:

BERLIN (Reuters) - Police in Germany arrested a shoplifter who filled his trousers with 39 tubes of toothpaste, authorities in the western town of Dueren said on Wednesday.

Police said store detectives in a supermarket chased the 37-year-old Uzbek after they saw him stuff the tubes into his pants, and forced him to hand over his booty.

"As far as I know, it was back on the shelves soon after," a police spokesman said.

Anonymous said...

I kind of like the $50,000 tree house myself. Ah, to be rich!