May 19, 2004

City of Heroes

To all the nerds in the audience. I've finally broken down and bought a massively multiplayer online role playing game and the game that broke me was City of Heroes. Every review I've read lead me to believe that it's different than other games of this nature. Most games like this didn't really draw me in because most accounts said that you ended up spending a lot of your gaming time in down time, which basically means you just sit around because you're healing or something. So far, this game is action-rific, which is how a super hero game should be.

The other deterant has been cost. Normally they're $50 at retail, then $15 a month, though you almost always get the first month free. Anyway, the game is $40 at Electronics Boutique, for a little while anyways. I know it's only ten bucks off, but I see it as getting the game and two months for $50. If I don't know after two months if I really want to keep playing, that's probably a good sign that I should cancel the account. Anyway, so far it's fun and all you nerds out there should play, at least for these two months when I'm playing. I forget what server I'm on, but I'll post it later...

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