December 14, 2004

Hooray for sexual anarchy!

I guess some Catholics are upset the "V***** Monologues" (because everyone knows `vagina' is a dirty word for a dirty dirty place) are going to be performed at Notre Dame. Here's an entertaining bit:

"The play violates the truth about women, the truth about sexuality, the truth about male and female and the truth about the human body," he said.

Note that `truth' is used here not to refer to certain factual situations involving gender and sex, represented in dramatic form in the play, but rather to the ideas some people have about the way things should be regarding gender and sex.


Jay said...

So, how is this not truth?
Seems pretty true to me.

Fidelbogen said...

The trouble with the Vagina Monologues is not that it's "evil" (although it very well MIGHT be)....but that it's completely fucking assinine.

That such a phenomenon has gained such a wide cult following at all, or could even get a foothold to begin with, speaks VOLUMES about the collective cultural intelligence and cultural maturity of our present civilization. I wonder, are all those people simply duping themselves into believing that they genuinely groove on the VM for fear they'll seem "unhip" in the eyes of their peer group? How do these kinds of mass follies get started in the first place, anyway?

Okay, you know what I'm gonna say next:

"Beam me up, Scotty!"