October 28, 2006

Bizarrissimo email du jour

Yes, I'm mixing bastardized Italian with French. I also don't care.

Anyways, make of this what you will:

[Subject:] Hi, I'm searching the Truth

[Body:] Hi, my name is Emanuele and I study philosophy in Milan. This mail only to inform you that you are really a beautiful boy. You know, I'm gay as Socrates and Wittgenstein. All the best, my friend. Hi,


My ex choosing to harass me in the most obscure and confusing way possible? Completely random internet admirer? Hell if I know.

In other news, Battlestar Galactica (the recent version, not the old one) totally kicks ass. No, seriously. It's not as good as Firefly (how could it be?) but it comes damn close, and I've spent the past four hours watching it instead of getting my reading done.


Anonymous said...

you really are, though. ;)
beautiful, that is.

iza said...

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