December 06, 2007

Blog Readability Test

I'm not sure whether I trust the algorithm they're using, but it's certainly a fun tool. Link.

In case you're wondering, we here at the Ra were rated at a high school reading level. While I'm sure Noumena's posts would sky rocket the rating if judged on their own, I'm ok with the rating. I think it's a nice balance between smarty pantsocity and writing in a cogent manner. Anyone find some interesting results? Feel free to post them in the comments!

1 comment:

Jason said...

I would love to know how they calculate this shit because I got some interesting results for the blogs of some friends.

Terminus was high school level, must be all the buffy reviews.

Tuckersworld got a VERY generous junior high.

Crewblog is apparentyl college level, that must be because we only post once a month