January 21, 2008

My students think I want to kill them with pitchforks

I recently got back my student evaluations from last semester. Evidently, some of them thought my grading was a bit harsh.


For the record, there was no significant difference between my distribution of grades and those of the other five or so TAs.
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Andrew Bailey said...

I wish I got pictures in my TCEs... =)

Kryssa said...

... ooops, sorry. Didn't think you'd see that.

In all honesty, I wish I'd thought to do that to at least one of my profs last semester.

But don't listen to them. I'm sure you're awesome. Clearly he thinks he's more smrter than you.

Noumena said...

From the rest of the evaluation (which I have scanned, although it's not nearly as funny), it was pretty clear that he was pissed off because he thought, as someone who was going to apply for medical school, that he should get an A. I guess the idea is that one deserves high marks because one wants to go to Johns Hopkins?