October 01, 2008

Palin wants abortion to be both illegal and legal

From the last part of the Palin-Couric interview:

Couric: But ideally, you think it should be illegal for a girl who was raped or the victim of incest to get an abortion?

Palin: I'm saying that, personally, I would counsel the person to choose life, despite horrific, horrific circumstances that this person would find themselves in. And, um, if you're asking, though, kind of foundationally here, should anyone end up in jail for having an … abortion, absolutely not. That's nothing I would ever support.

To be fair, she never comes out and says that she thinks abortion should be illegal. But the alternative just makes her `pro-life' position vapid rather than incoherent -- which doesn't strike me as a significant improvement.

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Drew said...

I think the anti-choice movement has done a brilliant job of framing the debate as being about "abortion" rather than "choice". I expect that there are quite a few people who think they are pro-life just because they disapprove of abortion and don't know what pro-choice means.

I saw some sort of documentary a couple years back where some dude went to a pro-life rally with a camera and interviewed people, and he had a helluva lot of trouble finding anyone who would support jail time for people who have abortions.

This isn't just Palin. A large portion of the pro-life movement simply doesn't know what the pro-life movement actually stands for.