March 17, 2009


Sorry I forgot the weekend posts, ladies and germs. Consider this an open thread for both Dollhouse and Battlestar Galactica.

Well, one (double length) episode left of BSG. I still can't shake the feeling that though I'm liking these last episodes they're leaving too much mystery for my taste. I mean, now you've got the Galactica going on a mission for a very important person, but they don't even really know what the person's significance is.

Dollhouse continues to truck along with good-but-not-great episodes, which doesn't bode well for a show that was already probably going to be a cult show and is airing on Friday night. The rumor is that either starting with the sixth episode or after the sixth episode the network stepped back from the show a bit and let Joss Whedon do more of what he wanted, so hopefully the next couple episodes will be great. I will say that "man reaction" was pretty good stuff.


Drew said...

BSG - The stuff set in the "present" was tremendous. I'm dubious about the flashbacks, though. It remains to be seen how, if at all, they relate to the main story. As much as I enjoy seeing what these characters were like before the series began, I can't yet see the point of it.

Dollhouse - I thought this was a really good episode until the end, when it just sort of spun wildly out-of-control. It was the funniest episode so far, which isn't saying a whole lot, but it's good that they're letting a couple of characters be funny.

The cultists were interesting in the way they were handled. Yes, they were led by an ex-con, and they had a huge arsenal of guns stashed away, and it very well could have ended in a mass suicide if Esther/Echo hadn't been there to help. But the cult didn't actually do anything wrong until the Feds got involved, and under false pretenses, at that.

MosBen said...

I agree Drew. I like just about everything that's been in these last few episodes, but at least half of the material feels like mid-season type of character development rather than end-of-the-series wrapping up. Somewhere on the internet I read (for what that's worth) that Ron Moore was very taken with the Sopranos end, which doesn't bode well in my estimation. It's one thing to have an implication that the stories never truly end, but it's another to just stop writing episodes and call that an ending.

What about the ending of Dollhouse did you think spun wildly out-of-control? While I join in your approval of letting some characters be funny, truth be told I found the humor a bit forced. I mean, "man reaction" did get a chuckle out of me, but it was a bit of a stretch that a scientist who works at his level would be uncomfortable saying the word erection in a clinical context. I mean, I'm willing to let things slide a bit for humor's sake, but it did feel like they wanted a humorous subplot in this one.

Drew said...

The thing that bugged me was when what's his name showed up out of nowhere and made a stupidly half-assed attempt to kill Echo. There's just too much going on in that final act. I like the idea that that dude is scared of Echo, and having him secretly try to kill her is good. And having Echo remember that he tried to kill her is even gooder. But the way it actually went down just looked forced and kind of random.