October 12, 2009

Video Game Night: Week 7

Last minute heads up. It looks like several Video Game Night regulars are either showing up late or not coming at all. Consider Marvel Ultimate Alliance hereby stripped of its official status as the game of the week. Anyone that shows up can play whatever they want. I might be showing up, but it's up in the air.


royce said...

I can't buy MUA 2 right now. I should get orange box. I already beat the hell out of portal, though. I never played team fortress. I like call of duty and halo.

i've got castle crashers.

Arch said...

Well, my schedule at work has calmed down to where I can actually play with you guys on some Mondays.

MosBen said...

Royce, I strongly suggest Half.com for gaming on a budget. You can already get Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for $33 and The Orange Box has been sitting at $10 for quite a while too.

And Brandon. Awesome! Czar's been making the last few weeks.

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