December 06, 2009



Uyin said...

Wow! I like Ninja very much. The way they dress, the way they fight, awesome..!

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HDR Photography Blog said...

Is this you wearing ninja suit?

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Mie84 said...

ninja vs tony jaa..
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bobby said...

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dein said...

ninja turtle... love tht show man... :-)

jaybirdsnest said...

Sweet, your ninja has a shogi

bahar19852010 said...

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Adam bin Ismail said...

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Anonymous said...

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Eric said...

Nice..I like your entry

How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath said...

what the heck is that?? :-)

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How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster said...

is it your or someone else in the costume?

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Ativan VS Xanax said...

is it some form of ninja wushu or what?? :-)

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what kind of ninja is that?? :-)

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What Is Debt Consolidation said...

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Best Survey sites said...

Style is an excellent ninja.

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rahmat said...

haha..owesome guys..

ankit kapse said...


T.Long said...

Very Nice Costume! I love it. I don't see very many awesome ninja costumes such as this one.