September 01, 2005

A Nice Break From The Seriousness

Some guy was spinning his pen in class, which was pissing me off because I've never been able to do it. So a quick Google search found me this site. They've got lots of figures and even videos to show you how it's done.

Edit: Evidently that's the old site. Here is the new one, though I actually like the old one better.


DrDeef said...

Hey dude, that's the site where I got the video I showed you. Those kids are simultaneously the most talented and dorktastic ever. I want to be able to do any of the tricks, let alone combine them all together into a mecha-trick. By the way, I'm reading your site and watching the Dukes of Hazzard, all while on call at the hospital "being a doctor." Life is good.


MosBen said...

I fear for the wounded and sick.