September 01, 2005

There's A Party In Our Blog, And Everyone's Invited

Well, time for a meta post. Last month was yet another record breaking month for the ol' Site o' Love with over 1,300 people hiting up the main page, breaking the previous high set in July at just over 1,250. This may not seem like much when compared with internet juggernauts like Kos, TPM, or Terminus X-treme, but considering that for the first half of this blog's life we peaked out around 650 in September of '04, so we're growing at a pretty good clip.

The biggest day of the month was around 100 hits on the 29th, which is a really good sign because July had a 200 hit day and we still managed to beat it because we're averaging much higher hits per day. Also, the bigger days tend to coincide with days in which we had bigger posts or posts relating to some breaking story, so it seems our work is influencing the hits instead of just getting random hits from Blogger. The best piece of news for me though is that the lowest period of days for hits was the period where I was on vacation and Dan was moving, which also seems to support the idea that people are coming to read our stuff and not just getting here on accident. Even then, the lowest number of hits during that period, and the month overall, was the 20th with about 23 hits, which not too long ago was our daily average.

Anyway, thanks guys for coming. We appreciate it. Please feel free to use the comments section for this post, or any other post for that matter, to give us feedback. Is the stuff we're posting interesting? Does anyone read the rather long posts we sometimes right or do you all mainly stick to the quick link posts? Also, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you all to utilize the comments section for posting reactions to things we've written or to simply post your take on an issue. I know sometimes people get too busy to post comments, but if you get the chance we'd like more than anything to have some real debates start up. I've been told that sometimes people don't feel like they're expert enough to post in the comments, so I think I should make it clear that most of the time all the information I'm working off is the article I've linked to with maybe a little prior knowledge thrown in there.

Also, remember that there are Ra points out there to be had. Sometimes, though rarely lately, I post trivia to be guessed, sometimes I dole 'em out simply for posting comments or Random 10s, and more frequently I try to end a post with a quote to be identified. So far it's all been music quotes, but a movie quote might jump in there, so just be the first to post the name of the song or movie the quote comes from to get some of those points and don't forget that you can use *any* source to help you in these identifications.

"So you, thought you might like to/ Go to the show"


DrDeef said...

Pink Floyd

Also, about the site, I come visit just about every single day, and I love checking in on everybody. I don't however, read the super-long posts that are filled with block quotes from other sources. My opinion is either link to a different story or post your own thoughts. Also, I am a bigger fan of fun/trivial/entertaining posts than some of the heavier ones - so I'm happy when you have a good mix of both. Also, give me some damn Ra points.


Joy said...

I think you should include things that can't be found just by googling...perhaps go to a site, click around, and find the answer. Oh, how exciting! And by the way, you may want to start checking out dcist occasionally just for fun.