September 02, 2006

$4,355 worth of shit MSN says I 'need'

I own absolutely nothing on this list. Nor could I afford anything on it. ($10 per for white teeshirts? Jesus.) I guess that makes me a failure at this `being a man' thing.

(Okay, I do have an overnight bag, and one teeshirt that would be white except for the paint splatters. The overnight bag was about $60, and I got the teeshirt for $2 at Kmart.)


sarah said...

you don't own sunglasses or an overnight bag?

just teasing - it's actually a good list for a guy starting out (though i would say a thin-pin-stripe suit, not a navy one).

Noumena said...

I wear glasses, and can't afford the plastic slip-on things that turn them into sunglasses. So, I squint a lot in summer.

Just for the record, $4,355 is about a third of my annual income. A good thing for a guy starting out in life is dental insurance, not three days' worth of clothes.

sarah said...

love it! you are so right! i was thinking about people starting out as lawyers or a comparable position. somehow, i don't think a plumber needs a suit, but he sure as hell needs dental.

ps - been looking for the same thing, but for women, no luck.