September 17, 2006

Weekend Web Posting

Well, it's Sunday and I really wish I didn't have these motions to write for work, so instead of working I've been looking for cool stuff to show you all.

First, let's get the Trek out of the way. Star Trek had it's 40th anniversary a little while ago, so here you have a great music video for the original series, and a great one for TNG. It's sad that DS9 didn't get it's own humorous opus.

I've always wished that I could breakdance. What few attempts have been made to that end have resulted with very soar elbows and shoulders. These guys seem to have gotten past that stage.

Here's the first five pages of the Transformers script along with a slew of pictures. This movie will be awesome by the power of my very will.

I love videos of stunts, though it's certainly better when they succeed. For the squeemish: Don't worry, no "serious" injuries here.

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