September 17, 2006

Sunday Random Ten

What the hell, I haven't done one of these in a while. Maybe some of you remember? The whole, "loading up your MP3s" in a "MP3 hardware or software player" thing? That crazy "set the thing to random and post the first ten songs in the comments" wackiness? The whole, "don't be all shy and omit songs you're embarrassed of" dealy? Come on now, what are you people listening to?!

(Song - Artist)
1. My Blue Heaven - Leon Redbone
2. It's Not Unusual - Tom Jones
3. Silence and Distance - Angra
4. Desiree - The Elected
5. Ninja Gaiden - The Minibosses
6. Color Blind - Chroma Key
7. Colors - Shadow Gallery
8. Modeling Sucks - Handsome Boy Modeling School
9. Prelude in G sharp minor, op. 32 no.12 - Rachmaninov
10. Dark Night - The Blasters

A weird but good list. And uh, I'm studying up for a stage performance of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and I'm up for the role of Carlton. That's why I have Tom Jones music...that's the ticket...

Edit: Ok, I kept looking on You Tube for Fresh Prince videos and came up with a couple others. Arnold and Mr. Drummond? Whachoo talkin' 'bout!? Shatner? Call the Borg in 'cause this is the best of both worlds! Jokes for nerds!

1 comment:

Drew said...

1. Uneasy Street - Pete Townshend
2. Things You Can Do - Deltron
3. Scanning II - Robert Fripp
4. Furious - DJ Z-Trip
5. Slip Away - Neil Young
6. Kielbasa - Tenacious D
7. The Speed of Love - Rush
8. Franklin's Tower - The Grateful Dead
9. From Blown Speakers - New Pornographers
10. History - Atmosphere