September 01, 2006

Free stuff!

Granted, it's not stuff that you want, but it DOES allow you to take one little drop out of FoF's ocean of cash. L'Etranger (which appears to now fancy itself `Seattle's only newspaper'):

Few people know that Focus on the Family—the powerful evangelical Christian para-church based in Colorado Springs—will give you, absolutely free of charge, books, CDs, and DVDs. Usually people pay for these products, and the millions of dollars raised helps Focus on the Family produce yet more books and CDs featuring Dr. James Dobson and other Focus 'experts.' (Focus on the Family's experts, when they're not chatting on the phone with Karl Rove, run around the country teaching people how to stop being so gay and when it's appropriate to kick their kids' asses.)

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Andrew Bailey said...

"The amount you have chosen to give is less than the suggested donation for the resources requested, as shown below:"

It doesn't work anymore. I tried. =(