September 09, 2006


Thanks to Andy for sending me this link. Spock and Kirk's simmering, silent lust boils over.

I want Knight Rider to come back and I want this to be KITT.

Steve Carell vs Stephen Colbert.

Bill Bennett, usually a pretty big douche, makes some very good points about that horrible ABC 9/11 movie.


Drew said...

Bennett is still a pretty big douche, even in that interview. Yes, he makes the point that the Path to 9/11 miniseries contains factual inaccuracies, and he implies (without saying so) that these inaccuracies portray the Clinton administration in a falsely negative light. But he goes out of his way to make clear that he thinks the Clinton administration should be blamed, only based on accurate rather than distorted facts. He also manages to squeeze in some gratuitous swipes at Michael Moore and his fans. Charming. It's basically the big douce version of taking the moral high ground, which I suppose is better than his usual big douche schtick, but he still finds a way of being a big douche.

The Spock-Kirk thing was totally friggin' awesome, though.

Jason said...

The new KITT car is pretty awesome, but that new Trans Am has me full on erect. That is my new dream car and luckily my current car will be paid off in 2008.

MosBen said...

That seems like a practical Soccer Dad car to me!