May 29, 2004

Christ, Jesus

I know these things happen some times, but god.

May 20, 2004

The March to War

Not that this is new news or anything, but for anyone looking for ammo in discussions where some jackass says "Nah uh! The administration never said anything about anything except liberating those poor Iraqis!" this is a good place to get some verbal grenades.

Yin to Heff's Wang

Thank you to Pandagon for the heads up, laughs are good...

May 19, 2004

Are You Clean, or Do I Need a Digital Condom?

Speaking of The Sims a couple posts back, here's a game for all you people that thought, "Wow, The Sims is good, but the breasts are FAR too real and there's a severe lack of smoking jackets."

What the Hell?

This is either the best practical joke ever pulled, or a just a really good, but kinda sick, one.


As if Randy Johnson's unit wasn't big enough from all the lavish attention.

And now we know who will lose in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Speaking of Games

Outlaw Golf 2 is online via Xbox Live. All of you with an Xbox better be on Live when this thing drops so I can birdie your asses.

Anyone else think this sounds less than exciting? Doctors are fine and all, even actor doctors, but really, is that really a fantasy most people want to live out in a game? There was a game from years back related to surgery, and all I remember people doing is carving up the patient in creative patterns. Will this be any different? Do I want it to be? I know, it's probably bad form to want something like that what with all the scandals about, but still...

I couldn't find a decent preview in the two seconds I looked for one, so you all will have to do with the corporate site. If you like either The Sims or Civilization, I think you might like this one quite a bit.

Holy God damn. It must be good to be crazy ass rich.

Well, that's all for now...

City of Heroes

To all the nerds in the audience. I've finally broken down and bought a massively multiplayer online role playing game and the game that broke me was City of Heroes. Every review I've read lead me to believe that it's different than other games of this nature. Most games like this didn't really draw me in because most accounts said that you ended up spending a lot of your gaming time in down time, which basically means you just sit around because you're healing or something. So far, this game is action-rific, which is how a super hero game should be.

The other deterant has been cost. Normally they're $50 at retail, then $15 a month, though you almost always get the first month free. Anyway, the game is $40 at Electronics Boutique, for a little while anyways. I know it's only ten bucks off, but I see it as getting the game and two months for $50. If I don't know after two months if I really want to keep playing, that's probably a good sign that I should cancel the account. Anyway, so far it's fun and all you nerds out there should play, at least for these two months when I'm playing. I forget what server I'm on, but I'll post it later...

Ocean's 12

So I was vaguely aware that this movie was getting made, but my friend Drew says that Eddie Izzard is going to be in it. The first one was fun and I can't imagine the second not being fun with him in it. You'll have to scroll down to the story since I don't know how to link to specific parts of web pages yet. Also, you should all read Drews blog regularly since it's great.

Tort Reform

Thanks again to Pandagon I ran across this article on tort reform. Given how much this phrase is bandied about it's nice to know what they're talking about.

May 11, 2004

Nick Berg

Yet another tragedy in a tragedy-sticken country.

This Will be a non-stop Phlite

Well, damn, that's one serious beat down. Granted, I don't care which of these teams wins, Philly being my home team now and Tampa Bay being that little "special" kid you just like to see win. My money says either of these teams will beat whomever comes out of the West.

The Matrix has you Neo

If you're really into technology BBC News has an article that will either get you all hot and bothered or send you under the sheets in ph3@r.

I just want to know why that guy in Tron that wasn't Tron was fat, even in digital form. Sort of douses my hopes of being a digital e-hunk.

May 10, 2004

Conservatives for a Bush-free America?

Well, given how much I read their stuff, you guys should get used to me stealing stuff from Pandagon. Anyway, they have a story about various conservative pundits, George Will and others, that have begun to openly criticize Bush's policies. Most of these guys, a year or two ago, would have stretched logic and facts to sometime preposterous, some times flat out fabrication, levels in order to justify some crazy idea of gaff by administration officials.

Needless to say, this sort of breakdown in the machinery of the Republican Press' version of Robosaurus couldn't come at a worse time for El Presidente. This leads me to a couple of questions of my own. Salon has an article about this mechanism and its history, but here's the basic rundown: Thirty years ago the Republicans decided to invest in the future. They founded a bunch of think tanks and unified thier party in a way that allowed them to some crushing victories both politically and culturally in the nineties and through today (see: at one point a significant portion of Americans believed that not only had we found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but thought that Saddam used them against US troops during combat).

The Democrats, alternatively, have spent the last decade, at least, fragmented. The best example is the 2000 election where you had the economically concervative Clintonian wing backing Gore and the Dave Mathews/Drum Circle wing backing Nader. Conversely, this year as heated as the Democratic primary got, the rhetoric nearly always came down to who would beat Bush the best.

What I can only hope is that what we're experiencing now is a swing back to the left. Being the party in power requires a very careful balancing of interests to keep a coalition majority in place to keep you in office and it looks like Bush's coalition might be crumbling.

What really brought this to the fore in my mind was John McCain's appearance on the Daily Show tonight. Granted, he's never been afraid of going against the party grain, but he did NOT sound like a man trying to get people to vote for Bush this fall. Given some of the rumors being thrown around on the internet, could we see a coalition of Democrats AND Republicans forming to oust Bush? Is there, as has been hinted at, a possibility of a Kerry/McCain ticket this fall?

Bush is one tricky sonofabitch when it comes to elections and I don't think we've seen anywhere near his best stuff yet this year, but the tide seems to be turning, and the rip tide might just tow Bush and Co. out to sea with it, never to be seen again...

A Run-by Fruiting

HSR is dead, long live HSR! Well, the short-lived prior version of this blog was on some really crappy software, so had to move on to this deluxe apartment in the e-sky. Can't really blame it much, given that it was really meant to be for online diaries and not really blogs.

So anyhow, this one looks to my novice eyes like it has plenty of features to keep me going for a while, so let's hope for the best. Most of all, it's much prettier than the last one, so it looks like my same old tired ideas just got a fancy new suit to dress up in.

Enough of this, let's get to bloggin y'all!