May 19, 2004

Speaking of Games

Outlaw Golf 2 is online via Xbox Live. All of you with an Xbox better be on Live when this thing drops so I can birdie your asses.

Anyone else think this sounds less than exciting? Doctors are fine and all, even actor doctors, but really, is that really a fantasy most people want to live out in a game? There was a game from years back related to surgery, and all I remember people doing is carving up the patient in creative patterns. Will this be any different? Do I want it to be? I know, it's probably bad form to want something like that what with all the scandals about, but still...

I couldn't find a decent preview in the two seconds I looked for one, so you all will have to do with the corporate site. If you like either The Sims or Civilization, I think you might like this one quite a bit.

Holy God damn. It must be good to be crazy ass rich.

Well, that's all for now...

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