December 11, 2005

Just A Nice Sunday Post

Drew and Ed both tipped me off to this fantastic open letter from David Cross to Larry the Cable Guy. Not only is it a great post about Larry the Cable Guy's boring, catch phrase reliant schtick, it's equally applicable to the whole "being smart is a bad thing" sentiment that's running through modern movement conservatism. And, of course, David Cross is funny.

From there we go to, which I found from a link on Cross and Odenkirk's site. Ah, the Jersey Shore, you've given so much amusement.


wampa1 said...

ra points to mosben for a posting the link to a long overdue "mollywop" of that hack.

end the war on christmas!

Anonymous said...

Life would be much easier if we were all illiterate Bible-thumping rednecks. Hat tip to David Cross. And a big "Buddy Christ" thumbs up to Benner for posting it!