September 25, 2006

Biff! Pow!

I was completely unaware of this until today, but evidently Uwe Boll challanged several of his critics to a boxing match several months ago and the fights just happened. Among the group of Uwe haters was Rich "Lotax" Kyanka, founder of Something Awful. According to Kyanka, the critic guys were led to believe that this was a silly PR stunt and that it would all be in good fun. Evidently Uwe is something of an amateur boxer and had no intention of having fun, or at least, not having fun that was unrelated to mercilessly beating on some internet nerds.

What's really surprised me is that, barring a few exceptions, the forums over at Kotaku are coming down heavily on Uwe Boll's side. Even granting all of Kyanka's assertions that this was supposed to just be fun and that training that was promised to the critics never happened, the nerds seem to think the critics, and Kyanka in particular. I had no idea there was so much anti-SA venom out there.


Dan Brottman said...

That's awesome.

Unknown said...

The nerd seems to think the critics, and Kyanka in particular, what? I think you neglected to finish that sentence.