November 29, 2006

A Match Made In Heaven

Don't get me wrong, I *loves* me some Spiderman. The comics, the movies, it's all great, fun, comic book stuff. While I still love those classic characters of the Marvel and DC universii, it was more artsy stuff that got me back into comics after a decade sabatical brought on by the mediocrity of mainstream comics in the 90s. And, as any fan of Watchmen, Y: The Last Man, or Sleeper will tell you, a major motion picture just really isn't the best vehicle for the more serious dramatic series. Watching Supes punch guys can be fun for a couple hours, but you're not really going to get much of Sandman's depth without a series of Peter Jackson proportions and few, other than perhaps myself and a few other uber nerds, want to watch a 3-4 hour talkey movie.

So really, the announcement that Garth Ennis' landmark Preacher series will be coming to HBO as an original show was something of an inevitability. Hopefully the more serious, more adult comics on the Vertigo line (as well as those on Wildstorm, Mavel's Max, Image, etc.) will get the HBO treatment down the road. Yorrick Brown on the small screen. My fingers might break, I'm crossing them so hard.


Noumena said...

If I haven't said it before, I've really, really meant to: television is rapidly becoming the medium through which the novel can best be presented for the viewing, rather than reading, audience. Theatre is its own wonderful thing, and feature films (running 1.5-2.5 hours) are perfect for the visual equivalent of short stories or lite fiction. Portraying a work with the complexity of a novel -- whether by Alan Moore or Dostoevsky -- on a screen requires the 15-22 hours of a full television season.

Boo sitcoms! Yay complex serials that don't pander to the audience!

Jason said...

I am quite excited by this news. I cannot wait to see Cassidy, and Jesse use the word, and Arseface, I would love to see how they make that work out. I really hope that they do not screw up the casting, but I have faith n HBO.

This is funny because for the past couple of weeks i was thinking how great it would be if HBO or Showtime made a series based on The Walking Dead. Not only would it be great to have a zombie based TV series, but the is so great and character driven that only a series could do it justice.

Simon said...

It seems to me that after numerous Spiderman flicks and other tv series etc...that writers, producers and movie moguls are only cashing in, with in most cases complete diversions from the origional fictional novels and comics written. Stick to the new stuff and leave our historical creations where they belong. - in the past.

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MosBen said...

I can't tell if Simon's post is real or spam.