August 09, 2007

Drug Policy

There's a post up over at Tapped arguing for legalization of several currently illicit narcotics. The argument isn't terribly new (illegalizing drugs causes lots of related crimes), but ties the idea to the terrorism, which is funded in many parts of the world by the illegal drug trade. I'm not particularly interested in getting into the merits of that, but the first comment annoyed me and for some reason the network here at work will let me view Tapped but not comment.

The person brings out the old "but illegalizing murder hasn't made it go away, so should we legalize it" song and dance....

Ok, so I wrote, deleted, and rewrote and deleted several paragraphs on why this is dumb, but it really wasn't very interesting to read and always sounded like more of a rant than I'd like. Anyhow, if folks want to mix it up in the comments I'll happily oblige, but otherwise I'll just let this one go, like so many other ridiculous things posted on the webs.

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