October 11, 2007

A Moment Of Silence

Please, everyone, bow your heads out of respect for my fallen comrade, my Xbox 360. It was quite nearly two years old and had played many games but the recent strain of finishing Halo 3 in two days was just too much and it finally died yesterday afternoon. I've sent the body off to Microsoft where, like any good pet, it will be quickly replaced. I suppose they might try to repair it. If that's the case, ZOMBIE 360!


Dan said...

*pours some O E out for xbox 360*

MosBen said...

At least it shouldn't cost me anything to get it fixed/replaced. MS even sent me a box to ship it in with prepaid postage. It is, however, super annoying that I have no Xbox to play during a time in which there are awesome games and I have nearly unlimited time to play them.