July 19, 2008

Dr. Horrible (Again)

Just one last reminder that Dr. Horrible is not only awesome, and that now all three parts have been posted, but also that after tomorrow it's going to be pulled down off the web. That's right, after tomorrow you'll have to buy a DVD or something if you want to sing along to the cool-ocity that is Dr. Horrible. Of course, I'm going to be unable to avoid buying this thing on DVD. Man, I wonder what kind of special features they'll have. Link.


Dan said...

I think I read somewhere that there'd be 2 commentary tracks... one musical.

sarah said...

i think it is available on i tunes for a dollar.

MosBen said...

I don't have itunes installed anymore, but I think it's $2.00 per episode or $4.00 for all three episodes. I think it's kind of a waste of money since I'll be getting the DVD anyway, which will supposedly contain all kinds of special features. Realistically though it'd already be downloaded if there wasn't that thin barrier of installing itunes.

Unknown said...


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keith said...

im not paying for this but NPH is the freaking man.