December 15, 2008

In (Very Slight) Defense Of Heroes

Ok, so tonight's episode was actually pretty decent. It took way too many episodes of crap to get here, but it is what it is.

What I really want to say is that there's a criticism of Heroes that I find entirely annoying and completely unfair. After every episode, there's a certain contingent of people online that start posting about how the recent episode or the current storyline is like storyline X from a comic. Indeed, the teaser for the next volume of the show, starting in '09, looks to borrow a turn or two from the classic Claremont story "Days of Future Past". But if you limited a show about super powered beings to stories which haven't been trodden in a comic at some point you'd have no stories at all. The problem with Heroes isn't that they've borrowed too liberally from comics, it's that they haven't learned enough from the great comics stories.

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