June 18, 2009


One of the most important aspects of the healthcare debate that you almost never hear about is that it's not about making people more healthy. Genetics and lifestyle play such an important role that it's only in a small minority of cases that having good quality insurance makes a decisive difference in medical outcomes. What healthcare reform *is* about, however, is cost. The U.S. spends more than any other developed nation on healthcare for pretty bad health outcomes overall.

Ezra, who you should really be reading every day for you healthcare debate fix, has a great peace up today that makes the case that we've set up a system in America where we pay through the nose so that we can avoid having to make tough choices, but that refusal is itself a choice with very real consequences. Link.


Momoc HDR Photography said...

Healthcare? I`m tired reading about pollution, global warming and others because there's a little action taken on that matters. One day we all will walk with mask head and some make jokes about global warming. He said looks at the bright side we get a free spa.


MosBen said...

Uh, Ameer? Welcome to my blog, but I'm afraid I don't really get it. I'm all for aggressive climate change legislation, but healthcare reform is important too. Anyway, hope you stick around, and not necessarily to pimp your links!

nesh said...

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