April 25, 2005


Bored? Nothing to read while your favourite Staff of Ra heroes are slaving away in the grad school mines? Here's a list of the blogs I check a couple of times (like, five to ten) a day and recommend. Go waste your time there.
(Note: Not all of these are feminist blogs. Just, like, most of them.)

  1. Eschaton (Atrios)
  2. Daily Kos
  3. The Panda which has left (featuring Amanda! she's cool!) (NB down for the next few days in some kind of update)
  4. Echidne of the Snakes
  5. Bitch Ph.D
  6. Playing School (Profgrrrl)
  7. Trish Wilson's blog
  8. Caught in the Rain (Manda) (updated infrequently; get with it, mi amiga!)
  9. This Modern World (Tom Tomorrow) (updated irregularly)
  10. Anne's Anti-Quackery and Science Blog
  11. Well-Timed Period (reproductive health blog; a top google hit for how to use the pill to avoid having periods entirely, apparently)
  12. Learning Curves (it's about math!!!! math is cool!!!!)
  13. feminist blogs (metablog, includes some of those I've covered above along with others)

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