April 17, 2005

Woo-hoo Jade Empire!

Oh yeah, Amanda (my significant other) picked this up for me this week at Fry's for the oh-so-cool price of $37 for the shiny limited edition. Too bad I won't have any time this week to actually play it seeing as how I must pack up my house in order to actually move next week to Portland, Oregon, home of several recently-annulled gay marriages. It's too bad, you know, when a vocal majority practicing a religion which claims to be inundated with love and compassion and tolerance and all the other kind philosophies of Jesus of Nazareth has such severe problems with that love and compassion and tolerance when it exists outside of their one-man-one-woman paradigm. Now I know why the phrase "Practice What You Preach" came into being.


MosBen said...

I got Jade Empire and I'm actually quite a ways into it now. This is, however, a game that I'm seriously considering playing a second time through this summer. Also, don't believe what you hear about the game being 20 hours long. It's longer.

Noumena said...

Not Jade Empire related, as I don't own an Xbox: The religious right is in the minority, demographically, and the population as a whole is ambivalent but slightly positive on the gay marriage issue (I believe most Americans want to allow gay civil unions, just not marriage per se). It's just that the religious right is really, really good at getting people to the polls to approve amendments like these.

MosBen said...

I thought so too, but I wasn't sure enough on the demographics to post a comment to that effect.