April 02, 2005

The Real Death Party

The Pope is very near death it seems, but Fox would have *loved* it if his death could have coincided with when they started reading their eulogy and casting him as a great conservative leader. When you think about it this was a really fortuitous event for Democrats because we got to see the Republican machine jump the gun and give away their biggest memes for the post-Pope coverage including this crap about the "culture of life" crap. Hopefully the Dems are organizing right now to counter exactly that message rather than trying to be above the politics like they usually do and which usually gets them spanked on the TV shows and in the polls.

As a member of the "Culture of Death" however, I should say that the Pope represents 15 points on my Death Pool. Mmmmmm, savory death....

Thanks to Pandagon for that linkeroo.

Update: The Pope has now *actually* passed away.

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