April 23, 2005

This Blogging Not From Concentrate

With the end of the semester hanging over me Damocles style I just have time to bang out one post of bullet points. Sorry for the lack of commentary, but if someone puts something down in the comments I'll probably be unable to resist the urge.

  • Bill O'Reilly is going on a cruise. Watch out ladies.
  • Japan spends less money on healthcare than we do by a mile and still has a better system.
  • The retiring Henry Hyde is finally honest about the Clinton impeachment and what we knew all along is therein confirmed. Evidently the original version of the story was a little too spicy for ABC, but I found ya the real deal.
  • Even though E3 is still a little ways off we have some hot pics of the successor to the Xbox, the Xbox 360. We'll know soon enough how final these designs are. Also in Xbox 360 news, we have the patent for the X360's graphics chip.
  • And last but not least we have the first photo of the new Superman in costume.
  • Bravo's going to have a series of specials on Superherodom starting in late May. Sounds interesting to me, but I think we can establish from this list that I'm a bit weird.

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