April 29, 2005

Link o' Rama

Evil Avatar gave me some help finding these linkaroonies...

Good Lord, is 2 Days To Vegas be in the next generation of games? The seasoned and cynical gamer in me says this can't be right, but I suppose we'll see soon...

Hiroshi Yamauchi is retiring from Nintendo. During his 52 years (count 'em!) as Nintendo's President he's seen the company move from more traditional games (I think they were in cards before) to video games and ushered the company through the gaming systems that we grew up on. And to top it all of he turned down his retirement package because he wants it to be spent on game development. What a guy.

Thanks to VE for this link...

Microsoft big wig J. Allard still thinks Rare (makers of Battle Toads and Donkey Kong Country among many others) was worth the $375 million they paid Nintendo a few years back to get the company. There have been and remain many doubters, but as the article says, I think buying Rare was a much more long term investment than most gamers thought originally. I'm betting there will be at least a few Rare games pretty early in the Xbox 360's life.

And these come from a variety of places!

'Nother Photoshop Phriday, and this pretty decent!

Here's a nice recap of the President's press conference from last night. Live blogging always reminds me of reading someone's notes from class. And here's a nice comparison of things Bush said last night to things he's said in the past.

Here's a not so nice review of Serenity. I think there are some spoilers there depending on how much of the show you saw of filled in yourself. I don't know though, with so many of these test screenings I get the feeling that the people that write the reviews are either the hardcore fans or people that have no interest in the specific type of film they saw. It's just little comments like, "And there you have your typical sci-fi channel psychobabble." Now maybe the movie's different, but there was actually rather minimal psycho or techno babble in Firefly, as I remember it, so I can't help but think this person just doesn't like sci-fi much. I don't know, maybe I'm just rationalizing. Still, based on the show and what I've seen from the movie, I think this is gonna be a winner.

Another interesting note about those Marvel movies I mentioned yesterday is that I forgot to mention that Marvel is going to be making these movies themselves at their own brand new studio rather than farming the work out to studios that don't know the material. Also, supposedly they're including "The Avengers" as, I gather, one or more of the characters, so it's unclear how much that's going to effect my list.

A company called DSP Design has made a computer that draws its power not from a power cord, but through ethernet. Of course, it's a crappy weak ass computer that most of us probably don't want, but it's still cool. Imagine being able to have a truly wireless computer. I'm not talking a computer than can work sans wires, but one for which there aren't any wires.

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