February 28, 2005

Now On Ebay, The Stick From Sean Penn's Ass

Welcome to the Style section of Headpiece for the Staff of Ra, I'll be your Cruise Director, Ben.

So I got roped into watching the Academy Awards last night, and other than the fact that the thing's a god damn four hours, I thought it went pretty well. Chris Rock got a couple gasps from me for some particularly catty moments, which I suppose it good as opposed to being bored off my ass, which is sort of the standard. Sean Penn needs some serious hugs to call the fuck down. I thought they did a good job of spreading the awards around a bit rather than piling them all on one film as they usually do, but Hotel Rwanda seems to have been snubbed a bit.

And what the fuck was Laura Linny thinking with that hair?! Hellooooooo!

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