February 25, 2005

You Know What Would Make Hockey More Exciting? Games Played.

On the heels of a cancelled season the NHL is thinking of ways make the game more exciting for spectators when the players and owners can finally resolve their petty bickering. In a country whose "national pasttime" is as boring as freaking baseball I've never been able to understand why people can't get behind a game as fast paced as hockey. Sure, there's not a ton of scoring, but why is that the ultimate arbiter of excitment? Do basketball fans thrill over every lay in? Hell no! According to this article the average goals per game is down from 7 to 5, which really doesn't strike me as a huge change. My real problem is that it seems like this is being viewed as an either/or situation. I just wish someone could come up with a way to alter the rules that wouldn't favor either offensive or defensive play. My team, the Devils, are a great defensive team, or at least they have been in years past, and I'd hate to see that style of play disappear completely, even if it would be nice if other teams could go for a more open style of play.

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