April 28, 2005

In Lighter News

I should be studying, but I can't stay away from you, our adoring public. While you're thoughtfully considering whether Sozialismus is or is not a Pharisee, here are some funtastic links for you; bulletted for your pleasure!

Looks like the Loony Tunes won't be going psychotic after all! Of course, the truth is that an online petition, no matter how big, has never really changed the goings on of a company that didn't already have their minds changed.

Here's the final Batman Begins trailer. I think the kids would call this "kick ass."

Here's a video for Grandia 3. I played the crap out of the second one back on the Dreamcast. Perhaps there's some way I can afford to get a PS2 and play this one sometime.

Here's yet another video, this one for Black & White 2. The first one was much better than you could have told from the whining, but it did have problems which seem to have been heard by the designers. If only I had a PC powerful enough to run it.

Here's a site that has some screens from the resurected first person shooter Prey, which was much vaunted by 3D Realms (makers of Duke Nukem) in the late nineties only to drift into obscurity. Looking at the pictures, perhaps it should have stayed there. Monsters with gun hands?

Here's a link to Bryan Singer's video journal for the production of Superman Returns. I haven't watched all of them, but it's a very cool thing to do. The one all of you *must* watch, however, is Journal #7 "The Call". Trust me, it's surreal.

Ain't It Cool News is reporting that Marvel has made a deal with Paramount to make movies of 10, count 'em, 10 characters and two of the movies will be about Captain America and Nick Fury; not together I'd assume. Supposedly we'll hear about the other characters soon, but here's my list: Silver Surfer, Thor, Cable, Doc Strange, Havok, Luke Cage, Namor, and Venom. Yeah, I know, not the strongest list, but it did say characters and not teams, so I had to look for people that have worked alone. Any thoughts?

Super Hero Hype let me in on a little secret. Let me share it with you: They're filming two sequels to Sin City and filming them back to back starting next February with an expected release date of summr 2007.

The Next four links I got from /.

Some one has discovered Darth Vader's blog from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

Another person found the original Google web site.

Kevin Smith
has reviewed Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and likes it.

And just for Czar, here's a review of the new silly Mac OS, Tiger.

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MosBen said...

Oops, that's 9 characters in that list. If I had to nix one it'd probably be Havok.