August 10, 2006

More Politico Vids

First, O'Reilly and Rivera complain about Mel Gibson, people that have been taking, evidently, too much pleasure out of Gibson's implosion, and, of course, Keith Olberman and Comedy Central.

Next, Keith Olberman calls them the jackasses that they are acting like.

Ah, Tony Snow thinks liberals, especially those that support Ned Lammont, are the original causes of 9/11 and terrorism generally.

But wait, David Horowitz says that liberals are more dangerous than terrorists! More dangerous than people that think that blowing themselves, and anyone nearby, up is a sweet way to get in good with God? And we're supposed to be the unhinged ones?

And finally, here's Lewis Black on Lieberman, Katherine Harris, and Mike DeWine (whose senate campaign Photoshopped in smoke to a picture of the WTC towers on 9/11 because, evidently, the real photos didn't do the job).

Man, there are some out-of-their-mind people out there, eh?

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