October 23, 2006

In Case You Didn't Know

Heroes and Studio 60 make up one of the sweetest evening lineups I've watched in a good long while. If they're not on your current TV schedule, or Tivo program list or whatever the damn thing is called, they should be. That's it.


Jenna said...

I would like to know what the hell is going on because there haven't been this many good/addictive shows on in years. Monday you have the line up you mentioned, Wednesday is Jericho, Lost and the Nine, Thursday is Survivor (not good but addictive) and CSI and if you catch random shows in between like I do then you are a bad mommy...or daddy.

Anne said...

I just wanna know when Ben started watching Studio 60, and why he didn't tell me so I could delete all the episodes my tivo has been saving for him.... :-P

But I agree, tons of great stuff this season, although most of it is just -almost- great. It'll get there.

MosBen said...

I've only seen last night's Studio 60 and decided that the show it great. Drew even said that was the worst episode thus far.