October 18, 2006

Oh Yeah

The Jersey kids already know this, but last week I found out that I passed the Pennsylvania Bar Exam, thus making me a real lawyer. I'm still waiting on the New Jersey results, which don't come out until November. I *also* need to sign up for the Washington State Bar Exam, but that's not on till February.


Noumena said...

W2G and all that.

Does this mean we now have to address and refer to you as L. Benjamin Allen, Esq.?

Also, I have just decided that you need to revive the powdered wig. If you get to have Esq. after you name, you should be required to wear a powdered wig at all times. Though I suppose that means I have to wear this all the time.

Oooo yet another reason I wish I'd gotten into Stanford: their gowns look appropriate for super heroics.

DrDeef said...

That's great news Ben! Hurry up and pass the Washington bar soon, because I have been itching to mix things up with my patients!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Ben! That's great! Here's wishing you luck with the New Jersey results, although I know you don't need it. Hope all is well with you. Check in sometime, ok?

Jenna said...

Conratulations Ben, of course Jay did not tell me, otherwise I would have said something sooner.

Hugo said...