July 19, 2007

Blog Dump

After posting that bit on Stalin I realized I was just going to end up with several small little, "Go read Tapped" posts, so here's what I found intersting today:

Honestly, I would really like to meet several conservatives who buy into the argument that how much it costs to cut John Edwards' hair is a reasonable question to ask. At this point I'm just assuming that these people are all intellectually dishonest. I mean, it takes ten seconds to think it through and realize how ridiculous such questions are since you have to be rich to run for high public office. Source.

One of the things that's most frustrating about wingnuts like O'Reilly and Coulter beyond the extremely outrageous things they say (that dailykos is like Nazi or KKK websites, for example) is that they're more often than not founded on completely incorrect readings of the sources they cite. The posters on kos are simply not saying what O'Reilly says they're saying. Either he didn't read the whole posts or he's purposefully misleading people. I'll go with the second.

Weeeell, I really have to get some work done. I might add some updates to this later if I run across some other small posts.

Update: Ezra's got a great article on why Americans don't get more time off from work.

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