July 26, 2007

This Update From Ron Burgundy

The primary cast for Zack Snyder's Watchmen adaptation has been announced, and there are some interesting picks there. The fanboy response is, as is to be expected, mixed.

Jenna Jameson will star in a new comic book which. I'm sure it will be a masterpiece of sequential art.

Two teaser images from IDW. Is that Xander?

DC's going to be publishing a comic based on NBC's Heroes. I never followed the online comic during the first season of the show, but heard it complemented it rather well. Here's a question, whatever you think of this particular show's quality, would it be acceptable to produce a series which (mostly) required you to follow the story in two separate mediums? If a series did something like producing a comic which you wouldn't really understand without watching the TV series and vice versa, would it be fair to review those pieces separately? I seem to remember the X-Files TV series picked up on things from the movie, which might have been confusing if you only watched the series.

Adam Baldwin and James Marsters star as Superman and Lex Luthor, respectively, in the direct to DVD Superman/Doomsday, which was shown at San Diego. Though directed by Bruce Timm, I understand this doesn't take place in what is alternately known as the DC Animated Universe and the Timmverse, which began with Batman the Animated Series and concluded with Justice League Unlimited last year. Incidentally, as much as I like Baldwin, he seems like a really, shall we say, "serious" actor to work with. I can't remember if it was a commentary to an episode of "Firefly" or "Angel", but he's talked about getting upset when he feels people are goofing off too much on the set, which seems to be a somewhat low bar. Still, gotta respect a man that wants to work hard and produce good stuff.

Update: Tim Blake Nelson has been cast as The Leader in the upcoming The Incredible Hulk Not-Sequel. Rather the opposite of his character in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou. So, any thoughts? Does he have the forehead for it? Link.

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