November 15, 2007

I'm The Many Bales of Straw That Broke The Camel's Back

O.K., that's it. I've been hearing from Brottman for several months now about his plans to start a weight loss competition and I nodded my approval while not joining in. But now Drew's trying to slim down and he's doing it publicly, so I feel like I should sidle up to the bar myself.

As of weigh in this evening I'm a ballerina-like 285lbs. I'm sure some of that is fat baby that I never lost. Anyway, I know I've been a smaller person and I can be one again. It's just a matter of committing to it, and maybe making the process public will help me stick to it. I've got to get tough. Go, Joe!


Dan said...

Good for you Ben, but you should probably stop eating fat babies as they are, in fact, quite fattening.

"I'm sure some of that is fat baby that I never lost."

The other, other white meat.

Unknown said...

Awesome. When we're all slim and sexy (which, according to my totally reasonable weight-loss expectations, should be Tuesday) we must get together and go cruising for chick.

Dan said...

Cruising for chick?

I like you guys and all, but no way I'm triple-teaming some girl with yas.

Unless we're getting paid a lot.

This concludes Dan's Nitpicking of Other People's Posts for the Day...

Unknown said...

Dan, there's an outside chance that I am over-reacting, but I have never in my life felt as much hate toward anything at all as I feel at this moment toward you.

I just wanted you to know that, to give you the opportunity to take whatever paltry precautions you foolishly think may save you from my wrathful vengeance.

Dan said...

I'm just impressed I rate ahead of the "Enterprise" theme song.