November 30, 2007

Two Links

I'm sure I'm late to the party on this one, but do you guys know about Google Fight? You enter two words or phrases and then see which is searched for more. For instance, I just proved Bill O'Reilly right as "Happy holidays" beat the living Hell out of "Merry Christmas". Also, in a fight between "porn" and "Wii", porn actually lost. The modern world is a very strange place indeed. Link.

Europe really is more laid back that the US. I mean, it's just a bunch of nuclear weapons, right? Link.


Dan said...

Thank you for this link MosBen, you've allowed me to conclusively prove my theory that my dad (55,100,000 results) could beat your dad (53,800,000 results) in a fight.

This will settle a lot of school-yard disputes.

Dan said...

Now I'm addicted, damn you.

However, this site really is eerily accurate:

A stingray (8,100,000 results) beats Steve Irwin (1,880,000 results) in a fight.