March 01, 2009


Any thoughts on the latest episode? Be forewarned if you're not caught up, there will be no policing of spoilers.


Unknown said...

I just loved that moment when the song finally came together and I realized what it was. That was just awesome. And Tyrol is a fucking tool. And, technically, Helo is now a philanderer.

MosBen said...

Tyrol is indeed a fucking tool. I mean, he's in a shitty position but it's not even one that he can rely on feel-good "everybody's fucked up from time to time" type arguments. This isn't like Apollo putting a gun to Tigh's head or Baltar being forced to cooperate with the Cylons on New Caprica. Sharon committed treason and just a few episodes ago they executed traitors on Galactica. Not to mention that she shot the old man.

And Helo gets a pass on this one. When your wife has thousands of exact double running around it can't be your fault for getting them confused from time to time.

Unknown said...

Well, maybe you and I can give Helo a pass on this one (and I do), but I wonder if Athena will.

I do have some sympathy for Tyrol, though, and I'm glad they've finally come back to take another look at his feelings for Boomer. Now that he knows he's a Cylon, he figured he and Boomer could have a new start. And saving her from execution isn't a million miles away from saving Athena from being raped. He got played, is all. But I do believe that Boomer genuinely loves him.

Jason said...

Really? I do not think that Boomer has any feelings for Tyrol, she just saw him as a means to an end. Boomer is a manipulative bitch, just like Roslin said. She is the most human of the 8s, so she was able to pick up more human attributes than the others. She played

I also found it hard to believe that Starbuck did not recognize her own father in her delusion. It could not be any clearer that she is, presumably, the first real hybrid.

Unknown said...

Boomer made a point to tell Tyrol that she was honest about loving him, a line which implied that she was dishonest about everything else. She also knew that she was about to betray him, and that when he found out, he would assume that she was just using him. There is no reason for her to say that unless it's true. Yes, she was using him, but she also loves him.

As for Starbuck, I think you're assuming a lot. But assuming that you're right, why would she recognize him? She hasn't seen him since she was a little girl.

MosBen said...

I think Drew's (mostly) right. Writing is a deliberative process and it's rare that something gets in by mistake. In the best writing (and I do think BSG is in league with the best TV writing, though it has it's flaws), nothing gets in on accident. There's really no reason for Boomer to make a point of telling Tyrol that her feelings for him were real unless they actually were real. Did she manipulate the chief's feelings to achieve her goals? Totally, but that doesn't mean she doesn't also love him.

On the Starbuck stuff, I think Jay's assuming that the piano guy was actually her father, which wasn't necessarily implied by the episode. Her father was definitely a Cylon, but that doesn't mean she didn't just conjure up some random figure to chat with at the bar. That said Drew, if she was old enough as a child to remember skills she learned from her father (playing piano), she was old enough to remember what he looked like.

Oh, and I think Athena has to give Helo a pass on this one too. He had no intention to cheat on his wife and there's really no way for him to tell them apart without direct questioning.

Unknown said...

It's one thing to understand that your husband didn't know he was sleeping with someone else. It's quite another thing to watch him sleep with someone else and be okay with it.

As for the Starbuck thing, I think it's like Boomer not knowing that she's a Cylon even after the point that it became pretty freakin' obvious (in "Water"). Because "Oh, that's my father" just isn't anywhere close to the realm of a reasonable possibility for it to even occur to Starbuck, until the very last moment, when it looks like she might have figured it out.

Or, he might just look different.

MosBen said...

Just rewatched the end of the episode. How was Kara playing all of that music? Mystery guy was playing with two hands and Kara was playing the top part with one hand. I don't know, maybe it's too nitpicky, but there it is.

And I guess the more I think about it the more I think that the guy was Daniel and that he was her father. I don't think it makes tons of sense, but it makes more sense from a story perspective.

Now the real problem with stories like this: Kara had tons of conversation, in public, with this guy who evidently wasn't there and nobody thought she was going bonkers.

Jason said...

At this point in the series, I just assume that everybody in the fleet is 100% bonkers.

This is all going to be a dream of an autistic child.

Unknown said...

I predict that in the last moments of the final episode, we cut from an apocalyptic space war to Glen A. Larson waking up in bed next to Suzanne Pleshette. Then, after the credits roll, Ron Moore and David Eick will point at us and laugh, before savagely killing one another.

Anonymous said...

Helo should have figured out it wasn't his wife when he realized he was enjoying sex with his wife.