April 05, 2009

Harold And Kumar Go To Washington

Just a quick blogging break from a brief I'm writing. An annoying, annoying, long brief.

Anyway, legalization of pot has quietly become one of the bigger stories of this recession. President Obama has been asked about it at town halls, legit journos are writing articles about it, and Senators are talking about restructuring our sentencing for drug crimes.

The most shocking figure that I took from those links is that 47% of all arrests in this country are related to marijuana. That's an enormous waste of money any way you slice it, particularly since it doesn't seem to be having the effect of reducing usage.


And now, sigh, back to work.

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sarah said...

I would like to see the data on that study about the number of arrests related to marijuana. That could mean anything - including those cases where someone is pulled over while driving and there is the smell of burnt marijuana & it leads to the discovery of weapons, or domestic violence when the victim (to ensure that the abuser gets locked up) says "he's got pot!" or even sex assault cases where a pedophile relaxes the victim w/ a joint. These are all "related to marijuana" but would all still be crimes if it was decriminalized. I think that actual possession of marijuana under 50g - which is what most people who have it for personal use would be guilty of - would be a much much lower statistic (this is based on my experience as a proseuctor).