September 09, 2008


Fringe is similar to Tru Blood in some ways. They both deal with a world which is very much like ours with a pretty significant, and oh-so-mysterious, twist. They both obviously have a pretty expansive mythology which will be explored over the course of the series. What Fringe did that Tru Blood didn't in its first episode, however, is manage lay out the hints at the larger plots with tantalizing hooks. It also did a much better job of cutting the drama with humor. All in all, I'll give Tru Blood a couple episodes to pick itself up, but Fringe doesn't need that space. It's good already.

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LameAim said...

Fringe is good, but I want it to be great. Hopefully it'll get there with a few more episodes. Trying to get my sister involved but I think she's balking at watching another J.J. Abrahms show after Lost.