September 07, 2008

True Blood

Ok, so it's a first episode. First episodes of even the best series can be iffy, and especially a show like this that relies on a mythology that obviously will need some time to flesh out. Still, "Six Feet Under" this is most surely not. Anna Paquin is Rogue, and for that there will always be a special place in my heart. But really, let's be honest, she's never had wicked acting chops. The writing has some intriguing aspects, but sometimes it's downright blunt.

After "John From Cincinnati" tanked, HBO really could use a new hit. Here's hoping this show gets a bit of time to breath before they decide whether it's worth the risk or not. I'll certainly give it a couple episodes.

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Unknown said...

Rogue is by far the weakest performance I've ever seen Anna Paquin give, and she was the best actor in those movies who wasn't named Patrick or Ian. I haven't seen True Blood, but I think you are seriously underrating Anna Paquin.