September 04, 2008

Swing voters breaking for Obama

From Gallup: `The percentage of voters who are "up for grabs" has declined sharply in the past week, from 30% to 21%, according to the latest USA Today/Gallup poll.' Assuming no-one has gone from being certain to vote from Obama to certain to vote for McCain (or vice-versa) in the past week, of that 9%, 6% went to Obama and 3% to McCain. This gives Obama a 42%-37% advantage over McCain in the popular vote.

Gallup's description of the methodology is unclear, but I think the comparison is based on surveys done last weekend (30-31 August) and yesterday.


keith said...

WHen did this become TERMINUS 2?


Noumena said...

When the guy who writes the boring/incomprehensible posts got back to school and needed a way to procrastinate?

MosBen said...

So Keith, anything substantive to say?

Jason said...

Does Keith ever have anything substantive to say, or does he just like making himself sound like an ignorant ass?