August 19, 2009

Game Suggestion Thread

Ok, so we're getting game night up and running. I think it would be a good idea if we had 2-4 games that everyone in the group owned. That way we have a pool of common games that can form the core of the Video Game Night experience. This isn't to say that every week will have one of these games. Sometimes another game will be selected through the vote outside these games and some people will own it and others won't. Those that won't may decide to pick it up, but they're certainly not expected to. Who knows though, maybe every four months or something we can all vote on a new game that everyone will buy so we always have an expanding roster.

So let's have it, name up to four multiplayer games that you think everyone in the group should own. Ideally, suggestions should include multiple genres, and including cheaper XBLA or other downloadable titles is also encouraged, as well as retail games that aren't necessarily brand new, and therefore might be found at less than $60.


MosBen said...

Ok, here's my 4:

Mavel Ultimate Alliance 2
The Orange Box
Left 4 Dead
NHL 9 or 10 (10's been getting a lot of hype, but the second it's out you'll be able to get 9 for almost nothing)

For some future games to look at:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Some MMO (I'm torn between Champions Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic. The former comes out first, the latter is Star Wars)

And then there's a huge back catalog of stuff we could mine. And then there's XBLA and other downloadable stuff.

MosBen said...

Who knows, maybe I'm underestimating folks. Maybe you guys will want a bigger pool than 4 games. Lord knows we could tag another sports game on there for pretty cheap. And most of us probably already have a popular game from a while ago like GTAIV, which has a multiplayer component.

Geronimo said...

GTA IV would be great played together. Some among us are fighting game aficionados, so we have Street Fighter IV, Soul Calibur IV, and Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Amongst XBLA games, Castle Crashers & TMNT are excellent.

I agree with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, but I will have to get the other games.

Jason said...

I agree with all the ones that Ben mentioned nut would like to add a few others.

Call of Duty 4 can be found for fairly cheap.
Gears of War 2 has some great multiplayer.
Red Faction Guerilla is supposed to be good.
Halo 3 has 4 player co-op and vs.

I was never really into fighting or sports games before but would be willing to give it a go.

I have also never played a mmo before so I think that that could be an intriguing (if not life consuming) choice.

Unknown said...

I've never been remotely impressed by Castle Crashers, but I have no objection to it. I also don't mind fighting games, and I have a particular affection for the Tekken franchise, but whatever. Are there any racing games out there that aren't too intense? You know, not like a racing sim, but something quick and fun. I have a strange feeling that trying to play NHL would be a disaster, but I'd be happy to try.

You guys also might want to check out GameFly... if you're not familiar, it's Netflix for games. It's an option if you want access to a lot of games but don't want to buy them.

MosBen said...

Burnout: Paradise is cheap, has a huge game world, and interesting downloadable content. It's also not as annoyingly sim-ish as other racers.

I don't have an opinion about fighting games because I'm going to be horrible at any of them.

Castle Crashers and TMNT are fun, simple beat-em-up games. It's nice because nobody's going to be hugely better skill-wise, but they're also just not that deep, which could be a good or bad thing depending on what you're looking for.

I like Jay's suggestions, and am particularly intrigued by Red Faction: Guerrilla, but we should also be mindful of not putting too many eggs in one genre basket.

I've always loved hockey games, so that was my first idea for a sports game. It's also nice because we could probably get one game with just about everyone playing a position. I've never been much of a Madden guy, but if someone really lobbies for it last year's game is going to be super cheap.

As for MMOs, the two I've played have been fun until I lost interest. It's possible that with a regular game night I'll stick with it more. On the other hand, I'm not super interested in going back to WoW if we can avoid it by starting out with a newer game. I'm pretty sure Champions Online is coming out for both 360 and PC, so that's probably our best bet for the group, but I'm not sure about Star Wars.

Dan said...

To be somewhat helpful without actually expressing an opinion:

MosBen said...

That site may also help if people are interested in co-op.

Unknown said...

I think it would be a clusterfuck of massive proportions, but also hilarious, if we tried to play Ghost Recon 2.

Jason said...

How would playing a fighting game with a bunch of people work? Aren't they just one on one? I assume that there is some kind of tournament, but what would the losers do? Plus, I suck at fighters.

MosBen said...

Well, I've never played a fighting game online. I'd assume that either everyone watches while two people fight (and really, rounds usually last a minute), or perhaps we can set it up so we're all in a party chat but always pairing off into two person matches. Whatever, there's got to be a way for that to work.

But yeah, I'm terrible at fighting games.

Unknown said...

I'm also terrible at fighting games. I'm basically terrible at all games, really, which is a bit of a blow to my ego. Back in my youth, a significant component of a boy's self-worth was how many NES games he had beaten.

But yeah, if there's a way to do a tournament, or a quick succession of matches with everyone in party chat, that could be a lot of fun. The heckling, the trash-talking, the insinuations regarding one another's sexual preferences... yeah, that sounds like a good time to me.

nick premium said...

I agree with you!