August 25, 2009

Poll Results

Well, it looks like we'll focus our gaming nights on Mondays from 8-12pm Eastern Standard Time, playing mostly on the Xbox 360. Again, there should hopefully be regular posts here on the blog about Video Game nights, so if somebody wants to suggest a game from another system or a substitute or additional night for a particular week, just drop a comment. So make sure you're checking back here at least somewhat regularly to see if there are any developments, but there's our standard setup.

I'm putting a new poll up now, as you can see. Vote on the four games that you think should be our poll. If you vote for a sports game, post in this comment thread which version of the game you think we should get. Depending on how the poll comes out I think we may need to expand the number of core games beyond four (if, for instance, there aren't four clear winners), but we'll see how it turns out. As always, use this thread as a general comments thread for Video Game Night.


MosBen said...

Also, if you vote "Other" in the poll, please let us know what other game you want in the comments here.

Anonymous said...

I'll join in on the video game night too.

Andy (gamer tag ThaHipHopDocta)

MosBen said...

Any suggestions for games? What do you already own? What type of games do you like? We're trying to have four games to start that everyone has (or will pick up) so that we'll have stuff to play. After that we'll expand our list through voting in the polls to the right side of this ol' blog and in comments sections like these.