August 31, 2009

Video Game Night: Week 2

So the first VGN went rather well, with myself, Dan, Drew, and Jay playing quite a lot of Castle Crashers and getting our brand new characters very near level ten. After Drew and I quit for the night, Jay, Dan, and Dave went on further in Castle Crashers, though I can't say how that went. My guess is disastrously.

Last week's poll question was "What should be our core games for VGN?" Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and Left 4 Dead both earned five votes, The Orange Box earned 4, and "An NHL Game" got three. So there's our core group of four games. Because it seems like most of us already own it now, I'm also adding Castle Crashers to the list. Now remember, what this means is that these games will be the core games that we play most often and which presumably we're all going to go out and buy so that we can play them together. I know money's tight for, well, pretty much everyone, but Castle Crashers is a relatively cheap XBLA game and both Left 4 Dead and The Orange Box have been out for a long time and are pretty cheap. I just looked on and Left 4 Dead can be had for $28 and The Orange Box is as little as $10.

As for the NHL game, as I said in the previous post, we probably want to wait until September 15 for NHL 10 to be released (the same day as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2) to really decide on a hockey game. By then the reviews for NHL 10 will be in and NHL 09 will drop to below $20.

So there you go, two games under $20, one game under $30, one full priced game and one that could go either full price or cheap depending on what people want to play.

There has been lots of talk of games like Gears 2, or Call of Duty 4 (though they both only got 2 votes) and both those games are under $25 on, so there's something to think about as we expand out list of games. Also, feel free to use any VGN post to suggest other games that the group should pick up. I think it'd be fun for us to get either poker or UNO eventually.

Anyway, as you can see, I've put the poll up for next week's VGN and I've just used the three core games that we already have and thrown in one that's not a core game. I'd like to always have one game that's not a core game in the voting to just for variety's sake. So in addition to the many other topics I want you to discuss in this here post, everyone suggest four games that should be the Week 3 poll. I'm fine with just administratively choosing the games to be in the poll, but that's obviously going to heavily favor games that I want to play, so suggest away!


MosBen said...

I also plan on doing a post on the day of VGN every week where people can mention anything that needs saying. For instance, someone might want to say what time they're going to be on if it's anything other than 8pm Eastern Standard and they want people to stick around for them. They might also have suggestions for how the group might be broken up best if it's a team game or requires some kind of tiered structure.

If new people come to VGN they can also post their Live handles so we can add them to our friend lists.

Dan said...

Sorry all... I'm out for a few weeks. Got me a Red Ring just after beating Castle Crashers :(

Unknown said...

I voted for Battlefield 1943, solely because Jay doesn't have it. I stand by my vote, and I encourage others to join me.

Also, just to mix things up, I wonder if people would be interested in taking 30 min out of our video game night to all play 1 vs 100. Might be a fun little diversion before the serious action commences.

Kiara said...

What are these games being played and you last for weeks? Well I was just playing alone some of my Download Games, perhaps that's why I am totally clueless.